5 Great Car Accessories You Should Know


If you regularly drive a car in this crazy city called Lagos, then you would know that driving can be such a chore. Either you are fighting for space with a commercial yellow bus popularly called ‘Danfo’ or you are raining abuses on a driver who almost hit your car. All these are part and parcel of driving a car in Lagos.

So to be effective in our daily lives, we certainly need help. What to do? Employ a driver? Or just use technology to get several things done at the same time while you are busy at the steering.

So these are our list of cool tech gadgets that if you need freedom while you drive, they are a must get.

  1. Tablet Mount

This is one great tool because it solves so many problems for you at the same. You slip your tablet into it and wrap it around the headrest of your driver or passenger seat. So you can watch movies, documentaries or cartoons on the go without having to hold the tablet with your hands. This is so useful when you have kids in the vehicle with you so you can maneuver your way around Lagos and be rest assured that your kids at the back are being kept busy with maybe a cartoon until you reach your location.


  1. Bluetooth Receiver

This is a plug-in device that allows you send multimedia files from your phone to your car and play them. This is pretty cool when you do not want an auxiliary cord. You just plug in the bluetooth and play all your music files from your car speakers.


  1. Wireless Bluetooth Headset

This is really for those who like things done old school. There are lots of options for devices to pick  and make calls while driving, and the headset is one of those. We selected it for this list because it never seems it will go out of fashion. Easy to use, affordable and portable, this device can be used just by anyone and everyone. We think the most important thing around this device is how simple it is to use as compared to other devices.


  1. Wireless Parking Sensor

Now We’re really excited about this device because it helps you when parking, driving and when another car is close to you. Helps out when you have to park and you just cannot see your behind where you are reversing to! It’s simple to use. You install the Bluetooth censor into your number plate and then download the app into your phone. So once you launch the app the censor immediately warns you when there is either a vehicle or an object behind you that you may run into. So helpful!


  1. Dashboard Tablet

The tablet brings all your tasks and information into one tablet that you can place on your dashboard. It helps you sort out your calls, video calls, maps and other essentials while you are driving. It uses voice recognition so you do not have to take off your hands from the steering wheel to select another option. This is great for long distance journeys and maps have to be open for a long time. It may not be so affordable but this device solves a critical issue we have been facing on the roads for a long time.


So there you have it! The 5 car accessories you really should have. What do you think about it? You do not agree with us? Leave a comment or send us a mail!

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