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We get a lot of complaints about the battery life of smart phones not lasting any more than 3 football matches. A d in this like, tweet, post, share, upload, download world that we live in, it shows no sign of slowing down. Granted, phone companies especially the giants like Apple and Samsung have invested a lot on their R and D to make smart phones with batteries that last long. So far, none of them has been able to crack that puzzle. If you watch videos consistently and make use of other functions of your smart phone at the same time, the battery reduces drastically and this is a fact. So, what can we do? Simple! Conserve battery life whenever we can. So here are the 5 best ways you can use to save your battery life.


1, Reduce your screen brightness.



Not only is this a great because you get to use all the phone functions and save a whole lot of battery juice, it is also the easiest way for your phone to save battery life. If you find yourself suddenly low on battery without a place to plug your phone, simply reduce the screen brightness and you save yourself an hour at least.


2, Turn off Cellular Network

This is a primary function of our smartphones and as a result is a key source of how our battery life drains. If you ever find yourself needing to conserve some battery life turn off your cellular network until you actually need it to make that phone call then you can turn it back on.



3, Stop Watching Videos!!

Really alas! It is not. Video content streamed from social networks or YouTube consumes a lot of battery. When you find yourself in low battery or trying to save battery, this mis the last thing you want to be doing. This is because it takes more energy for a mobile phone to stream videos so it will impact heavily om the battery.


4, Use Power Saving Modes

Smart phones made these days all seem to have one power saving mode or the other whereby the mobile phone shuts down some functions of the smart phone in response to the phone having a low battery. Once you notice your battery is down, simply turn on these power saving modes and go with some extra juice.


5, Use Wi Fi not 4G

If you can help it, Wi Fi is a far better power saving option that 4G network. The power needed for the 4G option is way more than Wi Fi and as a result when you use with 4G network for a while, you will notice a significant drop in battery life compared to if it were Wi Fi. And if 4G is your only option, then go back to the second option on this list. Turn it off completely!


No one wants a dead phone in the case of an emergency.

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