DreamWorks Treasure Hunt

Seek Out the Treasures Below


Dreamworks Black Friday for this year is tagged, “Gold Rush” and it is rich with so many mouthwatering offers from amazing discounts to bundle deals and freebies. But the crème de la crème of the Gold Rush Offer this year is our Black Friday Treasure Hunt.


What is the Treasure Hunt?

Treasure Hunt is a our unique way of giving to our valued customers an opportunity to pick an item for themselves at almost no cost. But you have to search for it on our Online Store or Mobile App. The items are hidden so you really have to search for them. So, what are the treasures to look out for?


How to Participate in the Treasure Hunt

  1. Visit www.dreamworksdirect.com or download Dreamworks Direct Mobile App on Google Play Store.
  2. Search through all products categories. The treasures will be hidden within them.
  3. Tip: You will NOT find the treasures in their normal locations.
  4. The treasures might be hidden within other products.
  5. Once you find a treasure pay for it immediately with your debit card.
  6. The first person to discover any treasure wins it.
  7. All treasure winners will be invited to Dreamworks to receive their treasures in a photo session.
  8. The Treasure Hunt begins on Monday, 23rd Nov and ends on Friday 27th Nov 2020.

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