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What do you know about Santa Claus?

He gives gifts to well-behaved kids and sometimes kind adults. He operates from the North Pole, and has poor eyesight with mystical creatures as loyal staff but have you ever wondered where he gets his gadget gifts from? Shh we are his plug for electronics *cough*

In the spirit of “No one man should have all that power”, we decided to break down Santa Claus’s monopoly on gifts so you can also give gifts to everyone you care about including that one nosey aunty.

So, are you thinking of an amazing gift for the holiday? We have it! With our Jolly Fiesta sale, you get to be Santa Claus or even Oprah Winfrey ☺️. We have a range of gift items from lifestyle electronics like Hifi speakers, steam irons, DVD players, LED and LCD flat screen TVs to kitchen appliances like pressure cookers, mini ovens and gas cookers all from well-known brands like Binatone, LG, Philips, Samsung, JBL, and Hisense.

In going the extra mile, Dreamworks has made gift giving enjoyable for the holiday season.

Jolly Fiesta! Tis’ the season of giving, so let’s get jiggy with it. Ya ya ya ya ya ya ya yaya.

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