Binatone Rice Cooker Steamers RCSG-2204

The rice cooker and steamer RCSG 2204 is the ideal gadget your kitchen needs to help you live a much healthier lifestyle with the utmost convenience. It has a capacity of 2.2 litres, which means that now you can prepare healthy dishes in larger quantities in approximately the same amount of time. It comes with its own non-stick rice bowl for cooking rice grains, as well as a basket for healthy steaming. The basket can be used to steam and/or cook vegetables as well as pieces of meat. Moreover, the rice cooker RCSG 2204 also keeps your food warm once it is cooked.

  • Capacity available 2.2L
  • Keep warm feature
  • Removable non-stick rice bowl
  • Basket for steaming
  • Power 750W

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