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  1. Chip Level Repairs
  2. Replacement of Parts
  3. Warranty Claims
  4. Solar Panel Installations
  5. Mobile Repairs

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Get the Best of Service at Dreamworks


  • Hardware Solutions (Repairs & Parts Replacements)
  • Software Installation Solutions (Windows Installations & Upgrades)
  • ICT Value Added Service Solutions (Insurance, HP Care Pack, Easy Pay, Warranty Plans, 50/50 Scrap Value)
  • Home & Estate Solutions (CCTV, Smart Automation, Locks & Access)
  • Corporate / Office Solutions (Retainership, Internet, IT Mgt., Time Attendance)
  • Security / Surveillance Solutions (CCTV, Monitoring, Access Control, Electric Fence)
  • ERP / Cloud & Accounting Solutions ( BUSY / Cloud Data Security & Storage)
  • Installation, Servicing & Maintenance Solutions (AC, Device Servicing Contracts)

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For Enquiries
DW Service Centre
NO 5 Francis Oremeji,
Ikeja, Lagos.

(For Repairs of phones, TVs, laptops, etc)
DW Tech Care (Adeniyi)
No. 83 Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos.

(For Repairs of phones, TVs, laptops, etc)
DW Tech Care (Ogudu)
Alpha Mall 117 Ogudu Road, GRA, Lagos.


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