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Technology: Is It Really Making Life Better? Leave a comment

Technology has made a big difference in our society in terms of communication, work, education, and entertainment in good and bad ways. Some people say that technology has made life better with the internet, cell phones, and other devices. These days we can order anything online at the click of a button. Technology surrounds almost everyone in modern society and it affects our lives positively in many ways.

Conversely, there is a growing fear that technology has made life worse because people have become lazy and are heavily reliant on technology. There are also concerns about the ease of access to information which can cause a threat to one’s safety. For instance, the growing rate of cyberbullying or internet fraud. Once your information goes public, it is almost impossible to expunge it.

Let’s take a look at the impact technology has made on different sectors which has actually changed our lives for the better:

Education: In the past, it was difficult to get a quality education because of the limited amount of information available to students. Now it has become very easy to access different topics online on Encyclopedias, Google and so much more. Such information can also be shared with friends on social media.

Business: The process of promoting business was tedious, to say the least. Now technology has made it very easy to advertise businesses, products and services on different websites and on social media in a DIY format.

Communication:  Technology has changed the way we communicate; the world has been transformed into a global village. We are all familiar with the old methods of communication (Pigeons, postman etc.)


It has become very easy to not only send a message to anyone in the world but to also video call and talk about your message using a smartphone with internet connectivity.

Considering all points listed above, would you say as technology has made your life easier or more difficult/unpleasant?

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