These terms and conditions, together with details set out, are intended to contain all the terms of agreement between us “the company” and you “our valued customer” relating to the sale / supply of goods, parts, servicing of goods, repairs of goods or other works described overleaf and If you wish to rely on any amendment or addition, you should ensure it is confirmed in writing and signed off by one of our duly authorized representatives.

All estimates are exclusive of any applicable charges or value Added Tax. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Some Brand new products enjoy a maximum of 12 months warranty period, and Recertified enjoys a 30 days warranty to repair. Replacements are considered only after 30 days, if repairsis considered unresolvable and parts required for devices not available (clause 10 is for Laptops only)

All brand new accessories and lifestyle products enjoys manufacturer’s warranty and aftersales service at the customers expense (guidance duly provided)

If we agree any variation in the transaction(s), this shall be deemed to be an amendment to this Agreement rather than a new Agreement.

Customers are required during product repair registration to remove or provide user passwords, OS approvals, or carry out personal backups of files to avoid any data loss.

This Agreement is made in Nigeria, and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Nigerian dispute resolution Fora and shall be governed and construed in accordance with Nigerian law.

You warrant that the product in view is owned or you are duly authorized by the owner to enter into this Agreement for the transaction(s)” to be carried out on it; that all transaction(s) herein entered overleaf is binding on both parties as entered PRE-SALES / AFTER-SALE TRANSACTIONS

Kindly note that Dreamworks Integrated Systems LTD is not liable for any form of data loss including software, OS provided by the manufacturer, whether installed by us, during manufacturing of system or otherwise.

A quote is our considered approximation of the likely cost of the product, work in the transaction(s), and is valid for 7 days from when we send it to you.

All Products, Jobs or device transactions that require product return will not be accepted once either product or packaging is tampered or visibly mutilated in any form.

In addition, all product returns MUST be made within 3 working days after product has been received. For customers from long distance, an official report in writing about the return must be made within 3 working days after receipt of product. Subsequent upon the expiration of this period, all product returns will be termed invalid and becomes a direct liability of the customer.

Quote is based on our price published for the products involved at the timethe quote for the transaction(s) is issued.

We reserve authority to sub-contract all or any part of the work, but shall be fully responsible for the quality of work delivered to you (this does not include jobs sent directly by customer to manufacturer’s service center).

If the manufacturer or the supplier of the productchanges the quoted priceafter the date of issue on transaction(s), we will notify you of any consequent increase in the price; if the increase will be more than ten percent (10%) of initial or the total price quoted, you have 7 days to cancel the transaction(s). If we do not receive notice of cancellation within this period, the quote will be amended as proposed or totally cancelled unless you expressly authorize otherwise.

All product quotes not officially accepted nor claimed after quotes expiry date may attract demurrage or warehousing charge inclusive of product reviewed to our current published rates in force at that time.

We value customer satisfaction, kindly ensure a quality and control check is done for all products and transactions as we will not be liable after Q&C is documented

We charge a non-refundable amount of N1000.00 on all paid repair registration, all after sales transactions that is no longer under warranty or customer induced damages for repairs.

We will notify you and communicate job status within 48hours upon diagnosis; update and resolve all issues within 7 – 14 working days or maximum of 20 working days.

We reserve the right to decide best approach to resolve all issues from transactions; replacement may be authorized when we cannot resolve any issues exceeding40 working days.

We will communicate with you our valued customer when we have completed all after sales repairsregistered and confirmed via diagnosis; after which customer is to clear all payments before pickup or delivery where applicable.

All payments must be made in cash, credit/debit card, transfer or except officially agreed to accept a cheque, in which case the cheque must be drawn on a Nigerian clearing bank and received not less than five banking days before customer collects the products.

All cheques are payable in favour of Dreamworks Integrated Systems LTD; For Credit sales transaction(s), security cheque is required (signed but not dated cheques)

Kindly help ensure full payment before all productsaresupplied, repaired or services can be retrieved or delivered. If you fail to pay the full amount due and collect the product and/or Goods.

Within 7 days of being notified that the work is complete and/or that the goods are ready for collection, we may charge you, at our published rates in force at that time, for the storage of the product from the end of that period;
Within one months of being notified that the work is complete and/or that the product is ready for collection, we may (after giving you 7 days’ notice of our intention to do so if you have not paid the full amount due and collect the computer and/or Goods before such notice expires) sell the computer and/or Goods, deduct the amount owing to us (including statutory interest, storage charges and the cost of sale) and pay the balance to you.

We will retain all parts replaced during any work done, except for any to be returned under warranty or service exchange arrangements, until the computer is collected, and will be free to dispose of them as we deem fit if you do not specifically ask for them when collecting the product.TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP AND RISK

The Goods will continue to belong to us until you have paid for them in full. You will, however, be responsible for any loss or damage from when they are delivered to you, and should insure accordingly. A cheque will not be treated as payment until it has been cleared.LOSS, DAMAGE AND LIABILITY

We will carry out the Work with reasonable care and skill, and warrant it will remain free of defects in workmanship for a period ofone year after purchase for brand new computers and 30 days for recertified computers. However, this warranty will not apply if the computer is involved in a customer induced damage or power surge.
(a) Failing to comply with instructions from the manufacturer or from us concerning the treatment, maintenance and care ofproducts and/or Goods or to have it/them serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
(b) Fitting the product, or permitting it to be fitted, with parts or accessories which have not been approved by the manufacturer or.
(c) Tampering the product or permitting it/them to be tampered, in any manner which has not been approved by the manufacturer.RETURNED GOODS

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Goods will be deemed to have been delivered to you at our premises when you collect them.

All products are supplied in best conditions, kindly ensure all invoiced goods are supplied as invoiced; All products Damaged On Arrival not spotted and not returned within 24hours will not be accepted within Lagos, All outbound transactions not escalated and returned within 5 days will not be accepted.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, All Good returned within approved period but without original packaging, body tapes and / or with broken seals will not be accepted again.

You confirm that you are at least 18 years of age or are accessing the Site under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian.

Both parties agree that this website may only be used in accordance with these Terms and Conditions of Use. If you do not agree with the Terms and Conditions of Use or do not wish to be bound by them, you agree to refrain from using this website.

We grant you a non-transferable, revocable and non-exclusive licence to use this Site, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Use, for such things as: shopping for personal items sold on the site, gathering prior information regarding our products and services and making purchases. Commercial use or use on behalf of any third party is prohibited, except as explicitly permitted by us in advance.

These Terms and Conditions of Use specifically prohibit actions such as: accessing our servers or internal computer systems, interfering in any way with the functionality of this website, gathering or altering any underlying software code, infringing any intellectual property rights. This list is non-exhaustive and similar actions are also strictly prohibited.

Any breach of these Terms and Conditions of Use shall result in the immediate revocation of the license granted in this paragraph without prior notice to you. Should we determine at our sole discretion that you are in breach of any of these conditions, we reserve the right to deny you access to this website and its contents and do so without prejudice to any available remedies at law or otherwise.

Our aim is to ensure accessibility to the website at all times, however we make no representation of that nature and reserves the right to terminate the website at any time and without notice. You accept that service interruption may occur in order to allow for website improvements, scheduled maintenance or may also be due to outside factors beyond our control.

In addition to any other legal or equitable remedies, we may, without prior notice to you, immediately terminate the Terms and Conditions of Use or revoke any or all of your rights granted under the Terms and Conditions of Use.

Upon any termination of this Agreement, you shall immediately cease all access to and use of the Site and we shall, in addition to any other legal or equitable remedies, immediately revoke all password(s) and account identification issued to you and deny your access to and use of this Site in whole or in part.

Any termination of this agreement shall not affect the respective rights and obligations (including without limitation, payment obligations) of the parties arising before the date of termination. You furthermore agree that the Site shall not be liable to you or to any other person as a result of any such suspension or termination.

If any portion of these terms or conditions is held by any court or tribunal to be invalid or unenforceable, either in whole or in part, then that part shall be severed from these Terms and Conditions of Use and shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other section listed in this document.

Anything that you submit to the Site and/or provide to us, including but not limited to, questions, reviews, comments, and suggestions (collectively, “Submissions”) will become our sole and exclusive property and shall not be returned to you.

In addition to the rights applicable to any Submission, when you post comments or reviews to the Site, you also grant us the right to use the name that you submit, in connection with such review, comment, or other content.

You shall not use a false e-mail address, pretend to be someone other than yourself or otherwise mislead us or third parties as to the origin of any Submissions. We may, but shall not be obligated to, remove or edit any submissions.

The free delivery of products is only available to customers within selected parts of Lagos (T/C apply). We make every effort to deliver goods within the estimated timescales set out on our site; however delays are occasionally inevitable due to unforeseen factors. We shall be under no liability for any delay or failure to deliver the products within the estimated timescales where they did not occur due to our fault or negligence.
Products purchased via Pay small small do not qualify for free delivery

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