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If you are a connoisseur of fine music then the medium with which you listen to music is very important to you. You will accept nothing less than quality sound to your favorite tunes. Whether it is some Davido or Coldplay, music is important and we think HOW you play it is important as well. Which is why we give you down below, a selection of great sound systems that you can choose from dependent on several factors like personal preference and aesthetics to give you those crisp sounds that get your fists pumping and feet tapping.

So here we go…

1, Sound Bars

Even though sound bars are not necessarily new technology, they have just begun to become a mainstream tool and this is not by accident. The contemporary designs of most modern homes now do not give much room for really large sound systems that take up so much space. So sound bars come in as a solid replacement with just about the same quality in sound. Samsung have great sound bar products out there in the market. JBL too have theirs. If you want to host little house parties once in a while and need a jamming home stereo, then this is the option for you

2, Over-The-Ear Head Sets

No. This is not just for DJs and wearing it does not make you a DJ either.  The Over The Ear Headsets like the name sounds are portable listening devices that are meant to keep the bass in your ears as you are on the move. It is used primarily to listen to music but can take calls as well. If you are constantly on the go, live a fast and furious lifestyle but you always wanna have your best tunes in your ears then this device suits you. A good example is the Beats by Dre Solo. Crafted specially for extra bass and quite light so your neck doesn’t feel like its carrying a huge load, it is wonderful for long road trips or just sheer music listening pleasure.



3, Sound Systems

For those of us that are a little more traditional, sound systems will never go out of fashion. They are big, loud and you cannot miss it whenever it is in the room either they are on or not. And for those times they are on, the sheer sound coming from those huge speakers is enough to shake a house. Over, the years companies that are big on innovation like LG and Samsung have added many features to the home theatre sound systems to make them more modern like adding USB ports, bluetooth connectivity, HMDI connection etc. All this goes to tell us that these big bad boys are not going anywhere anytime soon.


4, Earpiece

Almost the direct opposite of the sound system in size, this is another sound device that will never go out of fashion. For those that like to travel thin and light, this is for you. You can slip ear pieces into almost anywhere – your pocket, wallet, bag, anywhere and you are sure of its safety. But if we are talking ear pieces and quality ones at that, then we should be talking of sound devices like the Oraimo Bluetooth ear piece. Light in weight but with a sound output that out matches its size, ear pieces are great when you need to shut out all sound and power down on a book or binge on your favorite series.



5, Mini Speakers

These are simply extremely portable speakers. Think of that get together of 6 of your friends at Elegushi and you want to play music. The pills saves the day here by delivering a great sound output that will get the party started. So either you are having a day at the beach or a cozy night indoors with a few friends, portable speakers are very handy. From pills that can fit in your purse to the HP 2.1 portable speaker system that easily fits into a small bag. Portable speakers give convenience and the opportunity to carry your music everywhere you go.

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So whichever way your heart goes for your option of sound systems, make sure it is what you truly want because the options on music listening devices are so numerous so it’s easy to get lost.

Music is universal but sound options are not.

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